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Subject:  Re: Happy Days Are Here Again Date:  12/16/2008  8:08 PM
Author:  LuckyDog2002 Number:  433695 of 888931

What it all boils down to is why are we so different from each other? What "spark" makes one person do one thing and another do something entirely different?


hmmm, I dunno...I know only that I've changed. I was extremely lucky to find other interests such as running and ham radio and the in my face display of folks who didn't have a life besides getting high----these folks by the way were friends who I sold pot to and they bugged me one too many times one Saturday while I was trying to put a ham radio transceiver together(telegraph-it was one of those Heathkits)....I became so disgusted with them that day and their loserlife that I just became aware of how I wanted to spend my time. Plus, smoking dope burned my lungs out and it was hard to run after a hard wkend partying and that included drinking too. And it didn't hurt that the guy I bought from got busted and I buried a couple of kilo's in my backyard.......during the winter when the ground was frozen...that was no easy feat. :)

With the drinking I only knew that the goal was to get drunk at least from the friends I had we all seem to agree with that, the drunker the better, the more stoned the better. Moderation does not come easy. :) except in politics for me. Once, I started going to adult children of alcoholics/al anon meetings, I could see clearly where I was headed and was sober for almost a yr until a relationship broke up and we decided to be friends and so here the 3 of us are, my ex, her new girlfriend who was an acquaintance of mine and me and we go see a play and then go out dancing.......boy that was a happy time and soon as I walked in the bar I ordered a double margarita and then another and I think either one or two morning and the evening ended with me, sitting on the floor(the place was crowded) and crying over my lost love and she was consoling me or something. I woke up the next morning disgusted with myself for having drunk over a woman and swearing that I'd be danged if I'd ever do such a thing again and that was 20 yrs. ago, praise the GardenBunny.

So what may seem right to do at the time changes with experiences and knowledge. May have some bumps, swerves, near misses and a lot of backsliding before those changes can take hold. It comes down to these 3 things:awareness, acceptance and action.

All this stuff is so easy to say and type and I'm probably coming across all preachy....I don't mean to be. I need to hear this stuff all the time because it's so easy to forget the lessons of the past.

We're all on our own path though.

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