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Subject:  Re: FIFO & Wash Rule Date:  7/10/2009  3:41 PM
Author:  Hohum77 Number:  106476 of 131269

I note that the 40 sh listed as sold 12/27/08 should be 12/27/07. My apologies. Thus

Bought 10 09/06/07 Sold 05/26/09
Bought 40 12/27/07 Sold 05/11/09
Bought 10 01/15/08 Sold 05/11/09

The 50 shares bought back on June 30, 2009 were all more than 30 days after the last sale which was on May 26, 2009.

The shares bought June 10, 2008, now over a year ago, have not been sold as yet, so I will wait until August to do that and then buy back in September.

Yes, all the sold shares were sold at a great loss. These long term capital losses will take a couple of years to work off.


I hate to beat a dead horse, but even with the correction, you are still not doing FIFO. Based on the above data, you are doing LIFO (Last In, First Out) i.e. the last shares you purchased --
Bought 10 01/15/08

became the first shares you sold--
Sold 05/11/09

Based on this error, I cannot comment on your June 2008 purchase.
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