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Subject:  Email versus Verbal Communication Date:  9/24/2009  9:28 AM
Author:  impolite Number:  22866 of 40282

Topic stolen from An Open Letter.

I *won't* do most requests until they are in writing, unless they come from someone in my department or my boss's boss.

It's a simple CYA manuever. I will not be asked "why did you do XYZ?" without being able to say "because ABC requested it - see?".

For example, I at one time had the ability and responsibility to release invoices from hold at one point. I kept telling the powers that be, in writing, that this belonged with someone else, someone who had a clue what prices and billing practices are.

I also made sure that everyone who requested something be released do so in writing. After it was requested I release something questionable, I went to someone higher than me (in writing) to say I didn't think the invoice should be released as is. They told me (in writing) to release it, so I did, and confirmed via email.

Two days later, the fit hits the shan. "Why did you release this?! We lost money on it!"

"Because so and so requested it and so and so approved it."


"Yep - I think it's time you finally give this ability and responsibility to someone who knows what we should bill, don't you think?"

Next day, I get to hand it off.

If I hadn't had PROOF that I had tried to stop the billing AND had warned in the past that the process as is would lead to lost revenue, I probably would have been canned.

So I don't really care if it's not nice to sit 3 feet away and send an email - I want to keep my job, thankyouverymuch.

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