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Subject:  Re: This Weekend Date:  10/3/2009  5:01 PM
Author:  dianakalt Number:  23015 of 40285

a) Hospital to check on CameraNerd (done)
b) Leave hospital so that interesting progress can be made by CameraNerd (done)
c) Lunch with impolite (done)
d) Shopping with impolite (done).
Note 1: Cute shoes and purse for wedding have been acquired.
Note 2: 2 cute shirts have been acquired for dianakalt.
e) Back to hospital to fine out what interesting progress made by CameraNerd. (done)
Note 3: Ventilator/respirator thingie is all gone! CN breathes all by his own self!
Note 4: And he's hammered still. He opens eyes and is a *little* responsive but them drugs he was on was good shite so he's stoned now.
f) Leave hospital so that more interesting progress can be made by CameraNerd. (done)
g) Check email
h) Nap/Read Book
i) Do a little work stuff.
j) Eat some lasagna.
k) Go back to hospital to see how CameraNerd is doing.
l) Go home and sleeeeep

a) dianakalt's version of church. (Sunday Newspaper and Egg McMuffin)
b) Go see CameraNerd for a while.
c) Go home and work on work stuff for a while.
d) Go back to see CameraNerd in the afternoon
e) Go home and pack lunch for work on Monday.
f) Do more work stuff.
g) Sleep.

a) Go to hospital at crack of dawn to see if any docs show up or anything interesting is going on.
b) Work - go to office
c) Back to see CameraNerd.
d) Sleep.
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