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Subject:  Re: More on CameraNerd Date:  10/4/2009  10:39 AM
Author:  TMFHunzi Number:  23024 of 40295

b) As a result of a) and the surgeries, etc he has not eaten since Tuesday night. He is FREAKIN' HUNGRY and starting to complain about it. As in, he must have asked for food at least 50 times or so in an hour. That's pretty painful to watch, ya know?

Do they have him on TPN? (I think that was what it was called - it's the IV nutrition stuff.) Last summer, I had to do the "don't eat before surgery" thing, then post op, I was supposed to be on clear liquids for a couple of weeks, but I couldn't get more than a few ounces down a day because it was so painful (turned out I had a small perforation in my stomach) so a week later when we realized I was really sick - 2nd surgery - and then I wasn't allowed more than ice chips for 2 more weeks, so they put me on that TPN stuff - and it doesn't take away the tummy growlies, but it does keep your body from screaming that it's starving!

I'm sure in CN's case they'll just want to go slow and make sure he can swallow ok and stuff - but it was that 5th day in the hospital with no food (and they hadn't added the TPN yet) that I ran out of energy stores and really started to feel crappy - it takes a lot of energy to heal! So if they don't feed him today, ask what the plan is and see if IV nutrition is an option even if it's just for a couple of days - it really did help me to feel better, and it might help CN!

I'm sure this morning they're bringing him an exciting tray of chicken broth, popsicles and jello!

Always ;-)

Joann Floyd
MDP Home Fool
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