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Subject:  Re: Electrovaya and anything Lithium Date:  10/22/2009  7:47 AM
Author:  tim443 Number:  3287 of 3296

Tim says he hears a lot of 'hype' not much substance. If electric powered cars catch on, and there does seem some reluctance to continue polluting our atmosphere with hydro-carbons, THEN Electric batteries might become a 'HOT' issue. I do not personally know the current availability of Lithium but opinions seem to suggest that it is becoming an 'interesting' subject. I am looking for something that may become as hot as 'Google'. That is why I am asking questions for answers that we may all learn from AND perhaps make a few bucks by investing in it,

Since you complain about my response you clearly are not interested in anyone's opinion that does not agree with yours.

You say you live in Canada with the polar bears, just curious how well you think battery powered cars will work when the battery has to provide not only the power to drive the car but also the power to keep you warm in winter and run the lights and radio during our long winter nights?

I in no way suggest that Lithium stocks won't have a hot run, just about everything else does at one time or another but just be aware that it may be short and can be very ugly. Take a look at what happened to some of the solar panel stocks, silicon stocks and a few of the other "interesting" subject stocks.

The trick is know when to get out.

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