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Subject:  The Truck Is Legal and So Is My Name Date:  11/15/2009  9:22 AM
Author:  impolite Number:  23836 of 40285

I changed the name on my license, and went through the process to make the truck tagged, titled and licensed.

It's in my new name as well. :)

It passed inspection with flying colors. I was concerned about it, because I couldn't check the brake lights.

Yes, you read that right - I was sure I'd have to buy a $50 bulb replacement from the inspection center, because wouldn't I be in a pickle if a $2 bulb was out, but I didn't know it until I got there? So Friday evening I went out there and tested turn signals, but couldn't test the brakes (I could hit them....but couldn't see them at the same time).

SO I'm there, at the inspection station, and a nice man comes in. He talks to me, I chat with him (this place? Good Ol' Boy owns it, so ain't no one leavin' in a hurry - might as well chit chat). I tell him it's a new-to-me vehicle, and that I was sure they would zing me for a bulb or something, and he sid "well, to test your brake lights next time, just put on your flashers - it hits every bulb in those lights."

That is pretty darn handy to know, right? Because usually I just made someone stand back there and I'd hit the pedal.

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