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Subject:  Re: Wake Up Call Date:  1/26/2010  10:11 AM
Author:  GuildWarsQueen Number:  173 of 201

Thanks. I'm doing the Wii Fit a few times a week. No gym membership for me. Maybe I'll join one in a few months when a lot the new year resolution people slack off.

Luckily I don't have to go really low carb - my doctor told me to have three meals a day with 45 carbs or less and two snacks of 22 carbs or less. Those numbers probably seem absurdly high to people on real low carb diets, but it's still been eye opening seeing how many carbs are in things.

I've been pretty good about following it but I'm not being super strict - I figure if I follow that most of the time I'm still eating a lot healthier than I was before.

If my blood sugar was higher I would probably be really freaked out, but being told it was almost pre-diabetic was still quite the wake up call.

It's nice to find someone else that is addressing the issue. One of my real life friends is ignoring it, and it seems like most of the people on Spark People ignored it, too. There's a 50% chance of reversing it -- why not try and make some necessary lifestyle changes?

Yeah, I'd much rather make some minor changes now and get healthier so I can avoid problems for the rest of my life. I'm trying to make healthy changes so they'll stick and not go on any super strict diet. I'm still eating Chinese food, but instead of having it over rice, I'll make some extra veggies and mix the yummy Chicken and Broccoli from the restaurant with some veggies I steamed in the microwave. It still tastes like the yummy Chicken and Broccoli from the restaurant, but it has more veggies.

I like the Yoga on the Wii Fit. I do other stuff, too, but I've found that after just a couple of weeks my posture has already improved. :) The first time I tried the step stuff on it, I got the stupid "follow the Mii's" message several times. I've gotten better since then.
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