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Subject:  Will I be financially OK? Date:  1/31/2010  9:19 PM
Author:  sheople2 Number:  66726 of 97361

Age: 42

Emergency Fund: yes

Debt: none

Mortgage: none, living with family

Tax Filing Status: single

Tax Rate: 0, for now

Yearly Income: SSDI, $16K

Medicare Part A, B, D & supplement plan: yes

Future Inheritance: none

Current Allocation: 45% Stocks, 23% Bonds as a CD, 32% Cash

Desired Allocation but can't stomach it yet: 60% Stocks, 30% bonds, 10% cash

TOTAL AMOUNT in retirement, investment, savings = $125,000 -
this is it, besides an old car, furniture and personal items.

Once parents (still healthy) sell the house to pay for their long-term care I will need to find a place to live. Expenses at that juncture, will go up.

I've already educated myself on how and where to allocate the money. My question today is;

- "Will I be OK?" OK to me, means the ability to continue living indoors in a safe, quiet environment and have other basic needs met. I've gotten used to a no-frills, spartan lifestyle and although it's not that enjoyable, it's quite tolerable. If things were to get worse, then tolerable may turn into unbearable, and that's what often worries me.

- I may be able to start putting some money aside from my SSDI income in 2011. If I could put some money aside each year - how much money should I add to my total? Obviously the answer is as much as possible, but is there a specific amount to aim for that may keep me in "OK-mode"? 

-  Is there a superior online tool that may help me? The calculators I've found online are all overly basic. There is a free online Monte Carlo simulator. I run numbers, but I'm sure they're not accurate. I've never done a spreadsheet, don't know how and I don't have the energy to learn how right now.

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