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Subject:  Re: Will I be financially OK? Date:  2/2/2010  1:23 PM
Author:  Watty56 Number:  66732 of 96308

....I will need to find a place to live. Expenses at that juncture, will go up.....

I don't know about the numbers but one thing to keep in mind if you need to find a nice inexpensive place to live that it might be possible to find a position as a "live in companion" to enable an elderly person to live at home in exchange for free room and board.

In an ideal situation this would mostly just involve being there to call 911 or a relative if there is an emergency or the person needs some help. Since you have a car I would assume that you can drive so you might also be able to occasionally take the person to things like doctors appointments or shopping.

When my Mom was elderly she insisted on staying in her house, she was able function pretty well and had one of those "help I've fallen and can't get up" panic buttons but she would have been in trouble if she couldn't have pressed the button when she was alone. She usually had people like housekeepers there during the day but she was alone at night. All my siblings and myself lived out of state and we would have felt much better if there was someone there at night and she had three empty bedrooms in the house so if she had someone living there it would have really help everyone's peace of mind.

It sounds like your disability isn't enough to keep you from living on your own so even if some accommodations need to be made, it sounds like you could do this in the right situation.

Being a live in companion is different than being a live in caregiver which would be a paid position and involve more work doing things like helping the person dress and function.

You would of course need to check out the details of the disability payment rules to make sure that you that this didn't cause problems. You might need to officially rent a room at the house for a nominal amount (like $10.00) each month if that would prevent problems with the disability rules.

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