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Subject:  WendyBG for Feste Date:  2/11/2010  4:44 PM
Author:  sonnypage Number:  3965 of 4296

I place in nomination WendyBG for the Feste Award.

…..and I fully realize she has already been placed in nomination by another Fool, but I have carefully read TMFTwitty’s Feste post detailing nomination requirements and there is nothing there that precludes a nominee being nominated by more than one Fool.

…and since I may have inadvertently been the cause of Wendy not winning the Feste last year, it is appropriate that I nominate her and support her this year. How, you ask, might I have been the cause of her not winning last year? Wendy and I both post heavily, for me almost exclusively, over on the Macro Economics (METAR) board. Last year we were both nominated for Feste, and after the votes were counted, she finished with second runner up. It occurred to me then that we may have “split” the METAR vote; anyone voting for me obviously was not able to vote for her. Wendy, you deserved to win last year and you deserve to win this year, so let me make amends.

The Macro Economics (METAR) board is just what the name implies. We try to pick apart big picture stuff as this ongoing disaster continues to unfold in an attempt to at least survive if not prosper. If METAR is not one of your designated “favorite boards”, it needs to be. The more voices and participation we have over there the better. Here is Wendy at her best, explaining what METAR is….and is not.

What makes a message board tick?

The posts by the members.

The responses by other members.

The approval of the members, as shown by recs.

Several people have complained about the rising political content of METAR recently, and the lower quality of the posts.

Why do people write political posts on METAR, when everyone knows that METAR is NOT for politics and that there are other places where they would be welcome?


I am not your Mom. If you don't like the direction METAR is going, clean up your act.

If you want quality posts, don't bitch and moan -- do some research and post quality material about Macroeconomics on METAR! Be part of the solution, not part of the problem!


METAR is an analytical board, not a board for passions. This is because passion clouds the mind and diminishes investing success -- and METAR is an investing board!

If your blood pressure rises when you read a post, do NOT respond to it! If your blood pressure rises when you are writing a post, do NOT post it! If you read such a post, do NOT rec it!

If you read a post that contains actual data and/or actual original macroeconomic thinking and analysis, rec the post!

If you complain about the declining quality of METAR, consider -- YOU are part of METAR!

Think about and post how Macroeconomic trends can help us invest better, make more money and lower our risks -- or post on another board.


Here are links to two more of Wendy’s best:

Wendy, you have fans on METAR and all over the rest of the Fool as well. This is your year; we will put you over the top.

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