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Subject:  Re: A can a mile Date:  4/8/2010  7:34 PM
Author:  desertdaveataol Number:  2704 of 2761

Just an update on our recycling of aluminum cans that eventually go to the church. I said I averaged one discarded can per one mile walk, but that was just a number I picked off the top of my head. I've been more or less keeping track since then and there is seldom a day I come home with less than two aluminum cans. When we do an extra long walk in a different direction we'll often find five or six cans. Yesterday I found four along the usual route.

The Monday after Easter I found enough cans to fill about a quarter of a 30 gallon trash sack in the five trash barrels around a nearby park. The park had been full of people all day Easter and they'd filled the trash barrels. I could have found more cans if I'd have been willing to dive deeper, but there was a lot of food mixed in with the trash and I didn't want to get dirty.

And I actually filled a 30 gallon trash sack with aluminum cans when I visited a ponding area near our home. I discovered that the rain water had been washing aluminum cans into the area directly in front of the sidewalk drains. It took the better part of an hour but I finally filled the sack and staggered home with my treasure.

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a little unofficial park complete with benches, trees and trash barrels between two government (city & state) compounds that is a gold mine er... aluminum mine. Seems like the workers constructed it themselves from leftover parts from other projects. It's watered and mowed and has three trash barrels which are full of empty glass beer bottles (useless to me) and empty aluminum beer cans which I covet. I've "mined" a dozen or two aluminum cans every time I visit the "park" following one of their after work parties.

I call my (now) daily walks "My Trifecta" because
A. I get exercise which is good for me.
B. I clean up the neighborhood which is good for the neighborhood.
C. I donate the cans to the church lady who adds them to the ones she collects from the store and the church does 'churchy' things with the money it gets from selling the collected cans which is good for the entire community.

DesertDave's Helpful Hint
In the entrance lobby of the Cracker Barrel restaurants they sell a handy dandy little plastic toy "robot arm" made by a company called "Toysmith" which is a toy version of those long grabbers they use in stores to grab stuff off of high shelves. The arm is only about 18 inches long, but I don't have to bend over so far to pick up cans or put my arm into park trash barrels. IIRC the thing cost me less than six bucks.
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