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Subject:  Re: Creative Destruction is a myth Date:  5/13/2010  5:16 PM
Author:  warrl Number:  327802 of 600680

What "model"? The industrial revolution has been going on since, oh I don't know, the 1800's?

Longer than that. The Domesday book, a census of Norman England in 1086, documented over 5,000 waterwheels. The first reasonably-well-documented windmill in England was built in 1191.

A steady source of rotation powered by something that did not require feeding or cleaning up after...

Also... "1066 and a wave of gadgets"... A sample:

The 'Dark Ages' contributed more to our physical well-being than did the spirit-gladdening ages of Pericles or Augustus. From classical times we got toy steam-engines and erroneous principles of motion. From the ninth and tenth centuries alone the cold plains of the North supplied the horse collar, the stirrup, and the mold-board plough. An explosion of ingenuity down to 1300 yielded in addition the blast furnace, cake of soap, cam, canal lock, carrack ship, cast iron pot, chimney, coal-fueled fire, cog boat, compass, crank, cross-staff, eyeglass, flywheel, glass window, grindstone, hops in beer, marine chart, nailed horseshoe, overshoot waterwheel, printing press, ribbed ship, shingle, ski, spinning wheel, suction pump, spring watch, treadle loom, water-driven bellows, weight-driven clock, wee drop of whiskey, wheelbarrow, whippletree, and the windmill.
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