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Subject:  Re: Chromosome number in primates Date:  6/21/2010  1:12 AM
Author:  Pogona Number:  22098 of 27167

Human chromosomal fusion merely shows that at some point within our human lineage, two chromosomes became fused. That’s it.

I think you are forgetting the part about how if the chromosome fusion had not taken place, that humans would have exactly the same number of chromosomes as the other great apes. This is another great example of how science works.

1) Make a hypothesis based on current understanding of the science; ie. "If humans are as closely related to apes as gene sequences suggests, then the discrepency in chromosome number must be the result of chromosome fusion"

2) Test hypothesis by looking for telomeres in the middle of the chromosome, and a chromosome with two centromeres, one of which should be inactive.

3) Analyze the data showing the telomeres and centromeres exactly where they were predicted to be found.

4) Hypothesis confirmed.

On why this is not evidence for common ancestry:

If the fusion took place after the diversion of the human and chimp lineages (I'm not sure if this part has been shown yet), then this work certainly is evidence for common ancestry, unless, of course, you believe in the deceptive designer, in which case anything is possible !
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