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Subject:  Re: Chromosome number in primates Date:  6/21/2010  9:58 AM
Author:  bdhinton Number:  22100 of 27162

I think you are forgetting the part about how if the chromosome fusion had not taken place, that humans would have exactly the same number of chromosomes as the other great apes. This is another great example of how science works.

And if they originally had 48, so what? The fact that humans have a fused chromosome says absolutely nothing about their common ancestry with apes.

Yes, unfortunately this is a great example of how pop science works, as practiced by Miller. If humans had 48 chromosome, it still would say nothing about common ancestry.

If the fusion took place after the diversion of the human and chimp lineages (I'm not sure if this part has been shown yet), then this work certainly is evidence for common ancestry,

Why? I think you are letting Miller's hype cloud your judgement. It doesn't matter when the fusion took place, because the fusion event says nothing about whether they had a common ancestor.

unless, of course, you believe in the deceptive designer, in which case anything is possible !

The designer would be deceptive only under Miller's ridiculous premise. But that's not the only way to look at the data.

Here's another hypothesis, one that fits with the data under discussion:

1. a designer created an ape precursor with 48 chromosomes
2. the designer reused the basic dna program to create humans, modifying it where needed to produce the differences we observe, including fusing two chromosomes (for some undiscovered purpose)

I don't see how this is deceptive, nor how it is ruled out by the mere fact of two fused chromosomes.
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