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Subject:  a new place ? Date:  7/6/2010  9:30 AM
Author:  cheriesout Number:  298384 of 312858

Hello foolish friends, long time, no see.. but is good because I haven't needed you all much since getting out of BIG debt.. thats a very good thing.. right? :-).I have refered some friends here.. hopefully they have been given some fool enlightenment. I have been spending my time, dejunking, cleaning and gardening and with my now three grandbabies. I have found it much easier to toss, or donate things since the debt load is gone. We are still using our credit cards.. and sometimes, I wonder if we overspend from doing so. Right now.. we have $600 left of a washer/dryer purchase from Feb.. which is riding at 0 for a year with Lowes (love the samsung front loaders by the way) And hubby got a much, much needed grill last month..did my reseach and went with a webber genesis stainless steel, cover and tools.. which was just over 900. Its so nice and with good care hope it will last us for many, many years to come.

So here's whats new and why I am seeking you all today. (the bible does say seek the coucil of friends). hubbys boss took a postion in a neighboring state last week, My guy possibly has the opportuninty to jumpship as well. He currently works way way to much. (given a salary and some bene's three years ago and he works almost nonstop. If he is not out physically he is running stuff from a phone. I don't see that changeing he is in to his 5th year. From our current home it is just over an hours drive to where he reports and then he runs form one to 4 different military installations daily. Its rare that we have dinner before 8 p.m. sometimes later. So off the cuff.. his boss says to him last week.. I can probably get you another 10K, if you can come down here too. when hubby didn't say.. yes, immediately.. the boss said.. let me pass it in to cooperate that you might be willing and let them possibly work on you an offer.
Over the weekend, I have looked at homes in the possible new area and happily see that we could potentially buy a nicer or bigger home there or get something about the same as we have here for less than home sales are in our area. A quick mapquest shows just over a 4 hours drive from that area to my grandkids.. so we could do some driving/meeting to pick up and exchange to be sure we stay close with them .. VERY IMPORTANT>
So some questions.. our current home is paid (just last year) and in this market.. we would consider renting this home if we left the area. The latest assessment has gone down in value to 155,200. If I remember correctly it was about 74/76,000 in 1991 at purchase. Could we take a full loan on this home to purchase a new home.. and what is a full loan? I am green in this area.. or would we just need to borrow out a down payment for a new house. We are debt free but no money stacked. For the last 6 months.. we have been spending money on new things we needed.. and new heat/air/exterior lighting/plumbing/insullation and a bathroom remodel that HOPEfully will get finished this month. We were going to go on from there and do new windows, interior doors, floors and new kitchen cabinets/appliaces. but obviously if we rent.. maybe carpet instead of the hardwoods and other choices like such.

Sorry, I got long.. any advice or opinions appreaciated.. I will check back this afternoon. Going to try to go water again. rain needed badly!

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