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Subject:  Re: New Rules Date:  7/6/2010  11:28 AM
Author:  xtn Number:  298393 of 312970

DF once taught me that the most important thing you could do was establish a relationship with the manager of your local bank branch. Those days are a thing of the past.

Even these days it's good advice. My local branch manager and I have lunch together once a month or so, and I've hung out at his house on a Saturday helping him work on his car.

No, it doesn't change their official fee policies. But it has made any and every possible banking hassle into no hassle.

I lost an entire checkbook. I called Jerry Saturday a.m. and told him I had lost it and the number range. He said no problem could I come in Monday afternnoon and sign a couple of papers. It was a thirty second phone conversation. When I got there he had fixed everything. He had closed my account, opened a new one, made the transfer from the old to the new, ordered new checks, got with the online department and deleted and re-setup any regular auto-pays, etc. He went to the desks of each staff person who could get the task done and made sure they got it done. He had the account docs I needed to sign prepared and ready, and had my new box of checks for me. I was in and out in five minutes. Imagine if you walked into a branch, approached an unknown teller, and needed to do all that stuff....

You know how banks put holds on incoming deposits? He's waived that for me a couple of times. Once I needed a cashiers check for a large sum and I called him. He friggin left work and drove across town and brought me the friggin cashiers check!

I think I'm going to call Jerry right now. It's my turn to buy lunch.

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