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Subject:  Rogue's Gallery O' Pirates Date:  7/24/2010  1:07 PM
Author:  Raggmopp Number:  85501 of 87948

Rogue's Gallery O' Pirates
[compiled by Dread Pirate Raggmopp]

BAMartin = Pulchritudinous Picture Poppin’ Pirate o' Pitcairn
Bkeeper100 = Tankard Toppin' Tavern-man Taking Tack Alee & Agronomistic Apiarian Avenger
Blford = That Pistol Packin' Pernicious PC Pluggin' Privateer
BobSch = The Voracious Villainous Venomous Vermilion Viking
Booa = The Battling Buccaneer o' Borneo
BookishFool = Raging Rapscallion o' the Ranges, Right Hand Rogue to Rufus and Regent o' Bananas Rotgut.
CassWoman = Curvaceous Corseted Cutlassin' Corsair
Corse = The LAST Scottish Swashbuckler
daFlufferNut = Insidious Ignoble Iconic Iron Maiden of Ionia
Deannda = Hot-Blooded Howlin' Hysterical Hellion Chasin' The Spanish Man
DingBatAnnie = Buccaneering Boxing Dawg o' Bora-Bora
Donna Pawl = Bodacious Beachlizard of Bequia
Dragonshark = Down N' Dirty Debt Defyin' Dagger Dealin' Demon O' The Dire Straights.
Eugeneous = Meandering Marauder o' the Malevolent Main
FiddleDeeDee = Mme. Fifi LaFarge, The Fiddlin' Freeloadin' Purveyor Of Rum
Frydaze1 = Flippantly Ferocious Floggin'-loving Flirt O' the Fo'c'sle
Globetraveler = The Stabbin’ Slashin’ Soarin’ Scurrilous Pirate o’ the Skies
Hheuer = Hellacious Hottie O’ The High Seas
IndecisiveFool = The Saber Swinging Scurvy Sea Snake
Ishtar = The Plundering Pirate of Phoenicia
Joycets = Nasty Narwhal Nappin’ Nanny O’ The Noisome Noisemakers
Kaiti = Fairly Ferocious Flyin' Freebooter
Karen = The Swashbucklin' Lass o' Lootin'
Kentm401 = Particularly Piratical Partial Pound-Sterling Pincher
Kemlathrop = The Beautimous Bounding Buchaneeress o' Buffetology (Jimmy)
KrissyLou = Keelhaulin' Kutthroat Kriss
LQueiros = The Fantastic Fightin’ Farrier Femme Fatale and All ‘Round Saucy Wench
LtUhura = The Unrepentant Usurper o'the Union
Llamaluv = Llamaluvin' Llibertine Llooter Lloosed on Llily-Llivered Llandlubbers
Loopy Girl = Maggie, The Malevolent Murderin’ Mad Maraudin’ Maiden o’ The Maritime
LostInYonkers = Satan's Saucy Secretary o' The Seas of Sins & Sorrows
Lynndawg = Lascivious Leerin' Leopardess O' The Limpid Lagoons In Leyte Gulf
MakePigsFly = Parenthetically, The Pilot o' Porcine Paradoxes
Malibu114 = Malevolent Mistress o' Maritime Mayhem
Myownigloo = Ignominious Iggy o' the Barb'ry Coast
Oldaugie = Scurrilous Scourge o' the Sargasso Sea
PB2 = Battlin' Brew Buccaneer
Pixiecakes = Wicked Wayfarin' Wastrel o' the West Indies
PosNetWorth = Luscious Lascivious Lady o' Latin Lats and Longs
RkeFool = Rip-Snortin' Ravaging Raider Runnin' Rum
Rosebear2 = Rip-Roaring Rapacious Raiding Rose of Rangoon
SDATX = Cutin', Cleavin' Curse o' the Counted Carbohydrates
Sadie Killmouski = Sassy Saucy Sneaky Seafarer
SamuraiWil = Pilferin' Panseywaist Panty [Sexy, Sabre-Slashin' Sea Dog]
Scaryblondechick = The Beautiful Blonde Brigantine Babe o' Bermuda
Snowytenn2 = Aggravating Ailurophile Accountant Avenger Aggrandizing Assets in St. Augustine Woodenly.
Sunrayman = Picky Purveyor o' Piratey Plunder
TMF2Aruba = Terrible Tobago Tony o' the Twirlin' Cutlery
TMFTwitty = Fleabitten Scourge o' Doom
TamarianG = Outrageously Onward Ostentatious Ottoman Oligarch
Terminalwriter = Decidedly Dastardly Dirk-Wieldin' Damn Purple Dinosaur Dispatcher
TurksFan = Cutlass Cleavin' Curlish Cad o' the Caicos
Utahtea = Bilious Black-Blooded Buccaneer Feared as Cap'n Blacktea
WarriorNurse = Venomous Voluptuous Vixen and Valiant Violator of Vaults
WenDragon = Wanton Wench o’ the Westerlies
Windowseat = Cap'n Nefarious Nan of the dark ship Hostile Takeover
YeilBagheera = Yardarm Yumpin' Saber Stabbin' Swabbie

(updated 7-24-10)
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