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Subject:  Re: I'm Drowning...advice on refinancing mortgag Date:  7/29/2010  3:46 PM
Author:  doubloon1214 Number:  298689 of 312702

Thank you all for your responses. Yes, some were blunt, but that's OK...I already know I have a relationship problem. However, if you've never experienced being afraid of someone then you can't relate to what I'm trying to say. I'm not dealing with a mentally stable person. I'm dealing with someone who has convinced himself that he has worked, he has given all he has to give, and there's no more. He is done.

I do appreciate the advice on the refinance and am now convinced that it's not the way to go. To answer some of the questions, there is no other balance on the HELOC - just the payoff of the original mortgage which was done to get the payments where I could manage them (paying interest only on $53,000). There is very little chance that we will lose the house with the payments so low. I have 12 credit cards, three of which are mine only. I bring home $3,200/mo., but as you can imagine most of that goes to the card payments.

I like the suggestion to stop to paying any unsecured debt and have considered it. They will sue me, but if I'm judgment proof I guess that's not a concern.

To address the comment regarding the cash advances to pay for my mother's caregivers, since DH hated her and made daily comments about how much time I spent looking after her, he made me feel like I couldn't share that particular piece of information with him.

Thanks again...more later.
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