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Subject:  Let's get started with Messed-Up Expectations! Date:  10/29/2010  10:44 AM
Author:  TMFGebinr Number:  2 of 1287

Welcome, welcome.

I know things don't officially get started until Monday, but I figured it would look bad if I didn't have the first post on this board (besides Twitty's "start the board" post) when it did kick off, so here I am. :-)

For those who don't know me, my Fool career began as a poster on the Fool's discussion boards over eight years ago, starting out on Foolish Collective back when Philip Durell (TMFAdmiral) ran it. I then became a freelance writer for, subscribed to Hidden Gems and Inside Value and contributed to their boards, and then was invited to be a stroller for Stock Advisor. (A stroller is an official Fool, answering questions and providing company analysis. They're now called Coverage Fools, Home Fools, and Welcome Fools.) A while after that, I changed careers from life sciences to investing, got a job as an editor for, and then transferred to full-time work as an analyst for Stock Advisor last summer. Finally, I'm also studying for the level II exam of the CFA program.

Over the next few days, I'll explain in more detail what I mean by Messed-Up Expectations, how James Montier and Michael Mauboussin and their thoughts figure into my thinking, and where I envision taking this port going forward. And I look forward to discussing companies, earnings, news, and whatnot, on both the ones I've chosen to buy (or sell) and others that come across my and your radars.

So please, stick around, introduce yourself, and let's learn from and laugh with each other as we fulfill the Fool's mission to educate, amuse, and enrich through this board and the MUE Port.

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