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Subject:  Re: Power-One notes Date:  11/10/2010  9:46 AM
Author:  ProfStiglitz Number:  32 of 1287

thanks jim

You have the 2010 numbers for client percentages of business?

Will not have time to do much with this until Friday but they have moved to the front of my queue. Intriguing that they went from a very expensive company in 2000 and then dropped off the map from $80 per share to $2 or so in 2009.

What I would like to understand is what was going on with them in 2000 making them such a hot property. Was it the original Power Solutions. I confess I do not know what it means when it says

products for AC/DC, DC/DC and digital power conversion, including power conversion products for data centers, such as servers, storage and networking, as well as telecom and industrial power conversion products.

Was it because the internet and PCs and what-nots were fast growing and PWER had product directly connected with the expansion of the net and PC connectivity and server demand?

it looks like that part of business is a dog now. Why is that? No demand? Did they fail to keep up technologically? These are the numbers for Q2

Three Months Six Months
6/10 6/09 7/10 6/09
Renewable Energy Solutions $142.3 $16.9 $224.4 $29.3
Power Solutions 72.2 74.3 142.5 159.7
Total $214.5 $91.2 $366.9 $189.0

Power Solutions just keeps fading badly. I have no table for Q3 yet --8K does not have one.

So I ask myself and you :) is this new segment as good as it looks on paper or are they going to fade like the did with PS? The growth is absolutely phenomenal

To answer that we need to be sure of its utility in the brave new world of solar and wind. Are they in danger of becoming obsolete as they have done in the past? Is R&D not competitive?

Is solar and wind going to finally gain traction? It has been waiting in the wings for mass adoption for decades--is its time finally here?

I see wind farms growing with companies like Fluor working on a somewhat massive project off shore for the UK and then there are the turbines going up all over the US on farmland. Is this part of their market and how big a market is it?

This is an extremely interesting company but way outside my circle as far as understanding what is going to create demand for PWER products and whether they have the game to make it work

I hope you will be able to post some more detail about the history and what is going to make this new direction a turnaround.
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