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Subject:  Re: Buying Dean Foods Date:  12/22/2010  10:45 AM
Author:  nonzerosum Number:  111 of 1287

Hi Jim,
I went and bought some on the strength of the numerical argument.
However, I do wonder about several things:

- How healthy is DF milk? I think the trend for avoiding antibiotics and hormones in milk (and other foods) is accelerating. Here is one anecdotal reason: for the first time I heard a _mainstream_ doctor, Marisa Weiss, founder of, publicly say on NPR that she is going organic. My sense is that mainstream doctors and their official organizations (as opposed to individual renegades) are very cautious about the whole issue of supporting organic food, and I almost swerved off the freeway when I heard the interview.

- What would change the loss leader use of milk? Butter and milk are such staples that everyone is aware of the price. And even though I like organic, I go with store brand (Whole Foods).

Thanks for the good work.
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