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Subject:  Re: Poll: Did your 401k recover from the 2008 de Date:  12/27/2010  4:00 AM
Author:  madbrain Number:  67941 of 97984

Sorry but TMF truncated the subject line. Not cool.

I voted 4.

Quicken is utterly useless at keeping tracking of gains because of all sorts of problems with employer plan changes, improper characterization of contributions, etc. So I keep track of everything in an Openoffice spreadsheet.

Year 2008 was particularly brutal for me :

Beginning balance 218277.76

Contributions 15500
Employer match 6238.7
Earnings -93392.74

Ending balance 146623.72

Rate of return -40.76

2009 was much better, but not a full recovery.
Beginning balance 146623.72

Contributions 12575.73
Employer match 4657.27

Earnings 54405.46

Ending balance 218262.18

Rate of return +35.05

2010 is not as good as 2009, also . But my new employer allows me to make after-tax contributions, so the balance is growing faster, but not because of the rate of return. I realize there is still a week to go in 2010 and things can change, but hopefully not too much.

Beginning balance 218262.18

Contributions 16500
After-tax contributions 17422.33
Employer match 6318.9

Earnings 37506.22

Ending balance 296009.63

Rate of return +16.33

To summarize
2008 : -93392.74
2009 : +54405.46
2010 : +37506.22

So I still have $1481.06 to recover, ie. I recovered 98.4% of the losses, not accounting for inflation.
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