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Subject:  Re: Poll: Social Security Strategy Date:  12/30/2010  2:21 PM
Author:  Goofyhoofy Number:  28595 of 122297

What? YOu mean you believe the Washington Post, or NY Times, which merely reprints the White House Press releases?

Uh, I believe Richard Clark, who was appointed by Ronald Reagan, served with distinction with George Bush Sr., then with Clinton, and who watched as Bush Jr. ignored, then demoted the cause of terrorism, right up until 9/11.

He wrote a book. I admit it's not published by the Moonie Extension University, which is why it hasn't cropped up on your reading list, but it's from an actual participant in the actual event. There are others, and lots of them.

For instance, some of the quotes I noted are from participants, and they say things like "better than any previous president" and "correctly focused on Bin Laden" and "systemized approach to terrorism."

And these are not from scribes at the New York Times or the White House. They are from people who were in the trenches. People appointed by Reagan and Bush. People who actually know what's going on.

You know, the kind you righteously ignore in favor of your BSC nonsense.

No wonder the world is going in the toilet. People like you refuse to acknowledge truth if it doesn't bash the Democrats. Consider the slim possibility that perhaps not all Republicans are wonderful and not all Democrats are evil.

I realize what a great leap that would be for you, but it wouldn't be so hard if you put your feet back down in this universe instead of the alternate reality you have so elaborately constructed for yourself.

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