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Motley Fool Income Investor / II: How I invest with II


Subject:  Assembling an II Portfolio Date:  2/23/2011  8:49 AM
Author:  AllTooFoolish Number:  453 of 505

I have been using the II service for a couple years now and have been very pleased with the results.

My strategy had been to simply invest in the Buy First picks due to the amount of money I had to invest in this service. Now I am in a position to consider going deeper into the Recommendations. Therefore I need an intelligent way to assemble a portfolio from the Buy section as well. However, I don’t want to buy (can’t afford) all the Buy picks and am wondering what criteria others have used to weed through the Buy list to make their selections.

It seems like there are the MF II Risk ratings and the stock’s Yield to consider. My first thought was to have a minimum Yield threshold for the Low Risk selections, say >4%, and higher Yield requirements for Moderate Risk picks and an even higher Yield requirement for High Risk choices. I also like the information shoobeedoobee posted on the Open Forum about dividend growth rates am likely to utilize this information as well.

Are there specific filters or strategies others use to make selections to filter down the Buy list before purchasing the recommendations?

- AllTooFoolish
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