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Subject:  Re: some bad news Date:  2/23/2011  11:52 PM
Author:  401kinvestor Number:  301153 of 312953

Bob * just asking... Your overall circumstances look pretty positive, to me.

After 15 years p/t they get get rid of me because they did not have enough sales to let me greet at the front. I'm really not sure how would I explain what happened if I were let go at full time job. As it is the trainers at full time job are not confortable allowing me to train on other harder stuff like the rest of my friends in my department. Seriously its really really slow at work they had work 3/4 of my day on just busy work Seriously I got myself into trouble being alone for a week at the house with me cc.

Now I have to get better on my stock investing to make up the revenue that I would have made working a few hours.

Overall picture:

20K invididual account schwab
23K roth ira schwab
34K 401k schwab
13k pension at full time job
1K health savings account full time job
13,400 that I want to roll over into regular Ira as I can't afford to pay the tax to convert it to roth.
12k roth ira Vanguard
7,400 annuity
4K cds
and very little saved in checking and savings.
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