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Subject:  Re: Poll: Should Child Support Be Used For Court Date:  2/27/2011  11:53 AM
Author:  TheEvilDrP Number:  301202 of 312974

Men who are denied access to their children are about as common as mothers who don't get paid child support, and rather commonly their is a relationship between the two.

While mothers can call upon the state to coerce the father to pay child support, a father victim of the various methods women use to deny visitation cannot.

So mom gains money from state coercion of fathers and often can deny visitation to fathers without consequences.

WRONG!!!!! NON-CUSTODIAL PARENTS can request local law enforcement be present when they pick up their children. Additionally, they can pursue the matter in court if the CUSTODIAL PARENT continues to interfere. That is the job of the court; to adjudicate between two dissenting parties.

Would it be nice if everyone got along and co-parented their children like adults? Sure, but life happens and this is one of the ways developed to try to ensure the children suffer as little as possible. Life's not all sunshine and peaches, you know.

It's not restricted to visitation, either; there is such a thing called Parental Alienation Syndrome in which one parent deliberately tries to turn the kids against the other. Custodial parents can LOSE CUSTODY of their children for either of those offenses.

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