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Subject:  Re: Poll: Should Child Support Be Used For Court Date:  2/27/2011  6:43 PM
Author:  SeattlePioneer Number:  301212 of 312650

<<You know, I thin you and tconi are wasting your time trying to tell sp that failing to pay child support leads to lack of visitation.

Oh, also this is not what I am saying either. Missed that on the first go-round; thanks, tconi, for pointing it out.

Like tconi said, visitation and child support are two COMPLETELY SEPARATE matters. You don't get to deny visitation because a parent is behind on their child support and you don't get to withhold child support because they're jacking around with your visitation.>>

Oh, LEGALLY they are separate. But their are plenty of custodial parents who use visitation as a bargaining tool with their ex spouse, or make using visitation rights burdensome in order to drive the non custodial parent away.

And the idea that local police are going to do more than be witnesses at when a child goes to the other parent is an interesting claim. Does anyone have a reference to that kind of police action?

I've heard of parents turning over children at a police station when they couldn't get along, but I'd be surprised if they are going to get very involved trying to enforce child custody orders, which really aren't their responsibility.

But I'd be glad to have someone illustrate that claim.

Seattle Pioneer
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