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Subject:  Ford lawsuit to be reviewed Date:  2/28/2011  11:02 AM
Author:  TMFGebinr Number:  248 of 1287

US Supreme Court sent back a lawsuit against Ford to a lower court for review. According to the WSJ, the person killed was not wearing a seat belt, was thrown through the driver's side window as the pickup rolled several times, and was killed. The plaintiff contends that Ford is liable because it chose to install glass that was more easily broken than an alternative (both types were available and regulations left the decision up to the company).

From my high school days, when I chose wearing seat belts as my topic for a speech class assignment, I've felt that those who don't wear seat belts, to put it bluntly, deserve what happens to them in a crash. Wearing a seat belt is the single most important factor in surviving a crash. I have never let anyone ride in a car I was driving without them putting on their seat belt.

Driving, despite all the advances in technology over the decades, is not a safe activity. Not when people are moving 1000 pounds or more of metal and plastic around roads at 88 feet per second or higher (that's 60+ mph), holding onto the pavement through (usually) four relatively small surface area contacts.

At some point, people have to accept responsibility for their own decisions.

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