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Subject:  Re: PWER down 9.3% yesterday Date:  3/7/2011  1:43 PM
Author:  DCWD40 Number:  261 of 1287

Our view is that over the next few years, again as the price of solar continues to decline, subsidies will be phased out and solar will begin to be able to stand on its own feet, being at grid parity and most markets unsubsidized."

The measure here has to be panel cost -- not total installed cost. Oh, and if you want power after sundown, today's parity prices certainly don't include storage for those needs.

In the original piece it mentioned that solar was at grid parity in Hawaii. I'd love to see that study. If that were true, the government would have already mandated a change to solar.

Hawaii is probably the slowest market to move in the US. Everything is studied and studied...

If anyone would like to see what is happening in Hawaii (that is positive) regarding their entire energy problem, here is a link to video and text that covers a small group that wants to do a $2.5 billion takeover of Hawaii Electric to force the company to move away from its slow-to-implement-anything-alternative strategy (that phrase being mine).

It is going to take bold moves like the one proposed in Hawaii to get the alternative energy movement really moving in the US. I wish these people success.

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