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Subject:  Re: Its a Fad Date:  3/27/2011  1:09 PM
Author:  Philipo Number:  172314 of 209688

"Eventually, the price comes down on everything."

Well first off that's not absolutely true and even when it is it's to a degree. Your $50 threshold would require free parts and labor (grass, gas, or piece body rides for free). Seriously as a EE who prices out related components regularly I can tell you that it's not going from $275 to even close to <$50 (not without someone subsadizing it & even then it's to make up for it by other angle). Yea, a used one obsolete by later standards might be found in 10 years on fleabay for a song but that's not relevant here & now to investors (even that used one was paid for at full price in 2011 dollars - cha ching).

"I can wait."

As was already said you'll have to...barring a sugar daddy.

"A work Blackberry (that I don't have to pay for) gives me evrything I need until the Ipad price comes down."

And if you had to pay for it that too would be more that $50 so what's the point of this comparison? No one cares if *you* buy one - you're commenting on the cost and creating threasholds untenable for any such unsubsadized product.

"So - if I don't have to pay, that's the best deal ever!"

True but irrelvant (your company will pay in full and it's a good bet they expect at least that $500+ back out of your hide ;-).
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