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Subject:  Re: Its a Fad Date:  3/27/2011  7:04 PM
Author:  Goofyhoofy Number:  172317 of 209664

A fair statement. One of my beefs with Apple has always been, however, that they hypnotize the market with an early, flawed or limited prototype, allowing people to "try" it at a ridiculously inflated price, and then roll out the improved, faster, more versatile, jazzier-looking 2.0 and 3.0 versions a few months later

I totally agree. It's for exactly that reason that I've never bought a car. You buy one, a few months later Toyota comes out with a better one. Then Honda, before you know it, everybody has a better car than you do. What's with all of that? And why didn't Henry Ford just start with the Prius, anyway? What's the deal with the Model T, Model A, Mustang, Pinto, Lincoln, Mercury and all the rest? Just make a car, make it right the first time, then stop updating it all the time.

Cars! Who needs them? Luckily, I have my brother's Commodore 64 to type these messages on, because computers are like that too. First it's DOS, then Windows, then XP, and one year it's Compaq, then Dell, then HP. Who can keep track? I'm totally staying off that bandwagon too.

BTW, I live in a lean-to made out of fallen trees and vines. I'm waiting for them to perfect "houses", too. I hope it's soon, because rainy season is coming, and that's a real drag.

On a more specific note, I don't have to try it to know that I am not crazy about a device without a keyboard or keypad - putting your mitts all over the screen can't possibly prolong the life of the device,

Oh, well there you're wrong. "No moving parts" is far more reliable than "moving parts". Crud gets in the keyboard, next thing you know, you're out of business. That happens here in the lean-to a lot, which is why I've gone to solid state cooking: logs and matches. None of that "electricity" stuff for me. Knobs you have to turn, one day you wake up and have moss growing inside the switch. My way, you just burn the moss!

and it bugs me that the $500 cost doesn't include any kind of sleeve or cover to protect that screen Again - from a marketing/merchandinsing standpoint, good for them, but the cost would have to go WAY down for me to justify all the apps and accessories they want to sell me.

Me too! I feel that same way about cars! Did I mention I don't buy cars? They should come with garages, all inclusive. Also gas, a lifetime supply. They want to keep selling me gas, over and over. What a scam! Oil too! Even windshield wipers, sometimes. When will these guys smarten up, like you and me? I hope I live to see the day.

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