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Subject:  Re: Fierce attacks leave public workers stinging Date:  4/5/2011  8:21 PM
Author:  SeattlePioneer Number:  32211 of 120553

<<How teachers are evaluated in public schools is a political question.

It shouldn't be. Should evaluating public utility workers be a political question too?

The public can insist that teachers be evaluated on competence and merit by Principals and such if the public wishes.

Principals aren't particularly good at evaluating teacher competence. Like others in management, they're mostly good at determining who they like to be around.>>

Baloney. Private employers manage to evaluate employees, including a lot of professionals a lot more highly skilled than public school teachers.

Utility employees that are public employees are commonly evaluated in much the same way as those in private employment. And usually public employees can be fired for cause, with unions being able to file grievances and take disputes to arbitration.

There is no reason teachers couldn't be treated equitably in the same way.

Principals who wanted to fire a teacher for bad performance wouldn't be able to do so unless that had evidence an arbitrator found persuasive. And incompetent principal such as the kind you describe would be subject to being fired themselves.

Your post above suggests that principals may be incompetent and not be fired, and that incompetent principals can't evaluate teachers in a competent manner either.

The obvious policy is to make teacher, principals and other school administrators subject to being discharged for cause with unions being able to contest those decisions by going to arbitration.

Seattle Pioneer
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