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Subject:  Re: How much home can/should I buy? Date:  6/7/2011  2:25 PM
Author:  YewGuise Number:  120367 of 129119

...I want to buy a house that I can potentially start a family in and live in for the rest of my life. I have a serious, longtime girlfriend who I plan on asking to marry me...

Excellent answers so far. Congrats on the $75k savings, lack of debt, and good income.

One question I have is: what does your gf think about your plan? I recall house-shopping with DH when we were newlyweds, and not only was it a wonderful shared experience, but also I liked having some say in where I'd live, as opposed to moving into somebody else's house that he'd bought pre-marriage. I liked feeling it was MY house as much as his.

Possibly you and your gf are already both clear that you're intending to marry, and that meanwhile she's a full partner in your house hunt, and that your "plan to ask" is a technicality, but going just by what you wrote, you're not even engaged, in which case either (1) she'll say no (would you then want the house, which at that point you'd just bought?) or (2) she'll say yes. If she says yes, will she feel deprived of the opportunity to be a house hunter herself, relieved that it's been taken care of already, not care? No response required, I'm just throwing this out there as something you should find out, in case you haven't already.
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