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Subject:  Re: Chart of Federal Debt (1797-2010) Date:  6/12/2011  11:54 PM
Author:  voiceinthedin Number:  32938 of 36693

I might be way off....but I thought the US GDP was around $14 trillion give or take what is in fact irrelavent.........and that the debt load for the Federal govt alone was something around $14 trillion.....again give or take......this would mean a higher ratio than what was cited in the least at this point....

now we might look at the history of English debt which was posted onthe METAR board a while the second of three major go arounds during the empire days.....their ratio was 250% debt to gdp....then comes Queen Victoria and the greater rise of the empire to possbiy produce its way out of its debts......

and we might look as well at a proposal some three years ago now to havce the world bank and imf pick up the debts of some 20 small nations......the proposal may or may not have happened later......the point is that the currencies in those nations would rise.....western production could rise to sell to those nations.....and the debt loads would be incurred all over again.......


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