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Subject:  Re: I'm alive....I think Date:  7/31/2011  8:05 PM
Author:  LadyIanna Number:  14819 of 15022

Joycets -

be glad the mosquitoes don't find you tasty. I walk out back in the evening and I get bit about 5 times in as many minutes. My poor legs and arms look like someone has hit me with a polka dot stick. Worst part is when they swell up and look like I got hit with a baseball.

Something bit me the last week and my arm turned blue and the itching was so bad I had to put a large bandage on it with alcohol, and even then it itched constantly for about a week. and then there was the day when a spider (i think) bit me about 4 times on my back waist and butt. Right at the point where my shorts waist band rubbed. Swelled up pretty good. (and me walking around scratching my butt all the time.)

I've taken to putting ice cubes on them when I can reach them, but that gets annoying after about a min and a half.

so....don't ever complain about not getting bit! Or I'll show you all my bite scars. Lol!

now....anyone wanna buy a couch? seems no one wanted it at my lawn sale....:(

There are times when I regret living out in the middle of nowhere. This is one of them...

Lady I.
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