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Subject:  Re: ArcelorMittal (MT) Date:  11/18/2011  8:30 AM
Author:  hockeypop Number:  8417 of 25816

Thanks Kelbon! Sorry it took time to get back.

Well I guess I'll always second guess a decision when the stock falls 3%, 2% off my entry price, the day after I enter. But, I figure that I've got about 5% to play with over 9 months with the existing dividend, and could even sell in a week and be about even. Otherwise I wouldn't have jumped in so quickly.

Again, I read about everything this weekend and your point is well made. I did see a message indicating that they felt that they were better able to sustain the dividend having gone through the 2008-2009 experience. But, this won't be a dividend champion.

In addition, there is a Seeking Alpha story that talks about slowing their movement into Brazil and closing of some plants which I took to mean that they are conserving cash in this environment (on the road so can't find it but it may have been yesterday).

You'll remember that I use this "value sandbox" to find undervalued individual stocks and have sold much of my core index funds and am bearishly in cash and ST except my CREF REIT. For this sandbox I have Mungofitch's "disaster puts" on SPY to defray what I believe will be another fall. So, with few real European stocks, I chose MT. Another 3% fall and I'll second guess myself even more.

After your post I went to Vanguard and had the dividends put into my tax-deferred money market rather than reinvested as a short term waffle. We'll see.

Again, thanks to all for reactions!

Another busy day being the "trophy husband" on my wife's arm as she's honored at the FSU homecoming. Paybacks are H*ll, but in this case fun. We went back to the Tallahassee Mall where we met at a health fair. Drove by my "slum apartment" were I existed as a graduate student (we'll see if I can look at the inside today), and ate at the fancy French restaurant (changed locations but same management) where 32 years previously we celebrated my new job in Nebraska and I proposed (well, not exactly proposed but asked her if she wanted to come to Nebraska with me ... she agreed ... and I thought "Sh*t, I'm going to get married ;-)

We'll see if hurrying the decision for MT was good or bad. This weekend IS good! Off to listent to Mrs. Hockeypop address the nursing faculty and students.


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