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Subject:  Re: Lucky or skillful? Date:  12/29/2011  7:33 AM
Author:  danalexky Number:  176 of 188

I'm investing from a 401k rolled into an IRA with fidelity. No taxes. For the year I am up 30%, taking my December 2011 ending balance and dividing it by my December 2010 starting balance as of 12/29/2011. Trades cost about $8. I spend a couple hours a day looking on the internet at stocks and I use the Stock Advisor service for ideas. My investing philosophy? I don't think I have one. I bought SLV at $26, sold at $47. Bought at 33, sold at 36. Bought at 33, sold at 36. I usually trade 1000 shares of whatever at a time so I was making 3,000 to 20,000 each set of trades. I did the same with CDE, starting around $14 I think, and making 2 - 5 thousand a trade. I bought WPRT at $25, and have bought and sold it several times. I believe it has an excellent future and have been tradeing 2 - 4 thousand shares a trade, the last was from 26 buy to a 33 sell with 4,000 shares. I have been buying SQQQ also for the big drops, buy at 18-19 a share and sell at 20 - 22. I bought wfm and made about 8 percent, it doesn't have the volatility I am looking for, and I use stocks in the 10 - 40 dollar a share range mostly. I held seagate for a long time, finally sold it for a couple dollars a share more, just before it took off. I recently sold off some trash - logl and like that, for about 8 thousand in losses. I like to take a good stock thats down, make a few bucks, and sell it. With the roller coaster of the market, all it takes is a volatile stock and waiting a few days for the dip or rise. I am currently mostly in cash due to thin trading. I also sell covered calls just to make a few bucks. Currently: I want to buy 4000 wprt at 30 or below. I am buying calls on aapl, maybe $10,000. SLV is getting close to a buy for me at around 26, maybe 1000 shares since europe is still bouncing. I think I am lucky and intuitive, I don't think I am skillful.
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