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Subject:  FIRE update 2011 Date:  1/3/2012  2:35 PM
Author:  mazske Number:  4951 of 5268

I hope everyone is doing well. I started this board some years ago, but seldom post to it anymore.

My FIRE plans are still proceeding. I work for a local government, so if my pension comes to pass, I will FIRE in a bit over 6 years from now. I have already retired from the Navy Reserves, so if that pension comes to pass, I'll get it at age 60.

My stock investments are okay. I don't calculate my increase or decrease in net worth, but occasionally I do total up all of my investments to see how I stand. I was up near 1000% with Netflix, but now stand at roughly a 175% gain to date. A few other stocks have done well, Apple and SINA to name two, and some have done poorly, Dolby and DWA to name two.

The best thing to happen to my FIRE plans is my SO took a much better job a few years back. She has a 401K plan and also gets some company stock. As well, her paycheck nearly tripled from what she was making.

So, I've increased payment on my house and if I maintain what I'm doing, I'll pay it off in roughly 3 1/2 years. Odds are, if both of us keep our jobs, I'll slowly increase what I pay and perhaps pay it off in 3 years.

My oldest son has a free ride to a military service academy. Even though we pay for his travel home and have traveled to see him a few times this first semester, savings from a teen moving out is noticeable. My utility bills have decreased, food bill decreased and so on.

My youngest son is still in HS. He is doing even better than his big brother and says he wants to go the military service academy route as well. So, we'll see how that goes.

If SO and I both can keep our jobs, FIRE in 6 years should happen. One or both of us may or may not work PT and we may or may not FIRE outside of this country, at least for the winters, but the daily grind of work, work, work, should slow down for us.

As with all things, only time will tell how this all plays out.

I wish the best for all of you with your families and FIRE plans.

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