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Subject:  Arming Oneself Date:  1/24/2012  10:22 AM
Author:  warbac Number:  3764 of 3843

translated from the Pali by
Andrew Olendzki

Fear is born from arming oneself. Just see how many people fight! I'll tell you about the dreadful fear that caused me to shake all over:

Seeing creatures flopping around, Like fish in water too shallow, So hostile to one another! — Seeing this, I became afraid.

This world completely lacks essence; It trembles in all directions. I longed to find myself a place Unscathed — but I could not see it.

Seeing people locked in conflict, I became completely distraught. But then I discerned here a thorn — Hard to see — lodged deep in the heart.

It's only when pierced by this thorn That one runs in all directions. So if that thorn is taken out — one does not run, and settles down.

Who here has crossed over desires, the world's bond, so hard to get past, he does not grieve, she does not mourn. His stream is cut, she's all unbound.

What went before — let go of that! All that's to come — have none of it! Don't hold on to what's in between, And you'll wander fully at peace.

For whom there is no "I-making" All throughout the body and mind, And who grieves not for what is not Is undefeated in the world.

For whom there is no "this is mine" Nor anything like "that is theirs" Not even finding "self-ness," he Does not grieve at "I have nothing."
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