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Subject:  IRA Confusion Date:  2/19/2012  9:33 AM
Author:  hohocake Number:  115124 of 131229

This is a re-post of a question I asked at II, they directed me here: Hope someone can help!

I've never got a satisfactory answer to the following series of questions. Hopefully someone can come up with a better, more exact and precise answer to the following situation:

I'm 29, I make about 100k/year before taxes (Varies since I own my own business, but its held firm for the last 5 years around there).

So my tax bracket is high-ish. For simplicity sake lets use two potential investment models, we're going to ignore a 401k Solo account and use a SEP vs. ROTH.

What's better for retirement? I can invest a tad over 10,000 typically in SEP (Maxed out) then pour my tax savings into a traditional investing account with MLPs and other tax advantaged items (or at the very least, foreign stocks that don't fit the sep) or invest 5,000 in a ROTH, pay the taxes on it, and put the remainder into a traditional investing account.

And of course, the final question is: Does anyone know for sure if a ROTH style 401k exists for a sole proprietor? I don't think it does.

Then the final question is: How much does this answer change if I go to a solo 401k and put 20,000/year+ into it (And on top of that, do you still have full control of a solo 401k? I don't really get how it works, but since the contribution is higher what is the disadvantage of it vs. a SEP?)

The reason I ask this here is I expect my avg dividend on these folios to be in the realm of 4%, I know that makes an impact on taxes (especially if it increases to 20% next year).

Ok that was probably less clear than it could have been. Hope someone can help clarify this for me!
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