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Subject:  Re: Form 2441 Rejection - Child Care Credit Date:  2/19/2012  3:02 PM
Author:  TMFPMarti Number:  115129 of 129571

What's up with the "must file by mail with >2 providers?" I cannot find this documented ANYWHERE.

Yes you can find documentation. TT is telling you so.

It's major deep breath time. There was a time when no one e-filed, and yet taxes got paid. Not being able to e-file doesn't mean there's something wrong. It just means you can't e-file.

- If I backed the $5K out of the onsite daycare, should I have done that?

I'm not sure what you're asking here, but I'm pretty sure the answer is "no." There's no fudging necessary to complete the 2441.

- Am I going to trigger some issue if I try to re-e-file?

Only another e-file failure, and given your reaction to this one I wouldn't recommend it.

Alternatively, can I simply not claim the child care credit and remove all that piece from my tax return? If I do, will I cause issues with the $5K of pre-tax?

In order, no and yes. You account for that $5,000 on Form 2441. If you don't, you have to add it back to your income.

It sounds like you should wind up with a credit equal to the applicable percentage for your income times $1,000. If you don't, if you post the numbers from the 2441 maybe we can figure out where you went wrong.

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