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Subject:  Re: Form 2441 Rejection - Child Care Credit Date:  2/19/2012  3:17 PM
Author:  GardenStateFool Number:  115134 of 129653

It sounds like you should wind up with a credit equal to the applicable percentage for your income times $1,000. If you don't, if you post the numbers from the 2441 maybe we can figure out where you went wrong.

I found the documentation for the 2441. Which doesn't help me, to be honest:,,id=185776,00.html

However, the problem seems to be that I also wouldn't know how to fill out the Form 2441 longhand either, since it only provides SPACES for two providers. I didn't have just two providers. Especially since I had two kids, with 2-3 providers each.

I cannot be the only person with this problem. But I'm rather aggravated with the issue.

What I'd LIKE is to get the full credit, with the providers down to two.

I paid a total of $8090 for the two kids for summer camp.

I paid $6147 for DS2 alone for daycare.

So those two numbers: $8090 + $6147 = $14237

$14237 - $5000 of money I had in the fund (and therefore can't count) = $9237.

If I have the $9237 and I'm capped at $6,000 for the $200 credit, (which I am), then all I really need is the TWO daycare providers, rather than the others.

Of course, my problem is that TT seems to be counting the $5,000 fund as another PROVIDER, which is not the case.

However, is it legal for me to only claim the daycare and the summer day camp (not sleep-away, day camp) on there and not the before/after care?

I just would like to do this legally and in a way that will not trigger massive amounts of paperwork and/or a huge delay in filing (which this would).

I have nothing to hide, I have extremely straightforward taxes, but there's a big difference between a 7-day e-file return and a 6-8 week paper file return - especially as there are currently delays anyway, so that could turn into months and months.

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