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Subject:  Re: zimmerman poll is in Date:  3/27/2012  10:05 AM
Author:  xLife Number:  1762453 of 2268967

With everything that has come out in the last 24 hours I'm thinking a plea deal is more and more likely. I don't think it's possible to prosecute Zimmerman for a felony. Not with his injuries, a witness to the beat-down that lead to the shooting and Florida's laws. You can't imagine the prosecutors are too excited about their prospects.

Especially if it can be proven the voice calling for help on the tape is his and not Martin's.

Still, I think it's nuts that someone can accost someone else who's minding their own business, provoke a fight and then justifiably kill the person if they're losing the fight. It might be "self-defense" under Florida law, but it ain't cricket. And I've little doubt that had Zimmerman been black and Martin a white teenager, that the self-defense excuse wouldweb accepted so quickly with the cops.
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