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Subject:  Re: My experience with GG stocks and indices Date:  4/19/2012  5:48 PM
Author:  TriangleAnomaly Number:  4807 of 5166

My 7 year old daughter recently asked me how do we know sun will rise again tomorrow. The best answer I had was because it has risen every day till today.

Hi Anurag,

I think your contrarian posts are very valuable, even though they often may rub people the wrong way. I appreciate how much time it takes to write them, and the fact that you do so to help other community members have more investing success. In fact I adopted your "wait for x% improvement in value proposition before averaging down" ideas years ago, to my benefit.

Despite this general appreciation of your efforts, and despite the fact that I am winding down my posting career in rapid order (having finished forever as MazonCreekRich and BrokeInTheBurgh -- with the possibility of one more post, depending on circumstances), I am compelled to stand up and defend Emmy Noether and the law of conservation of angular momentum. (Noether was the great female mathematician who showed that every symmetry leads inexorably to a conservation law -- the fact that physical laws are constant across space implies conservation of momentum, constancy across time (less certain) implies conservation of energy, and conservation across angular direction implies -- you guessed it! -- conservation of angular momentum.)*

I submit, without argument or proof, that a better answer for your daughter would have been that we know the Sun will rise tomorrow because we know that angular momentum is conserved.

And with that, I bid you adieu!

Best regards,


*Noether's Theorem is far deeper than is suggested by these laws. For example, constancy of physical laws through a local (i.e., varying across time and space) rotation in mathematical phase space leads directly to the conservation of electrical charge and other similar quantities.
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