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Subject:  Re: Animal House: MDP is Our Special Room Date:  5/2/2012  3:24 PM
Author:  anuragupta Number:  4895 of 5166

Hi Jeremy,

We are attacking Ron Gross's and MDP's performance and potentially methods. This is a fair as MDP has been put up for discussion due to GG transition the community to MDP.

Based on your posts, it appears to me that you are quite young (< 30 years of age) and not substantial savings so far. Forgive me if I am totally offbase on that assessment. For serious investors of age 35+ with substantial savings, performance is foremost. Higher the age and savings, the more important performance gets. Ron Gross and MDP have little to show on that front. It does not matter how great of communication, individual or life save Ron Gross is. The fact is Ron and Charly have been involved in selling mega winner stocks early and especially those firms that happened to be exceptionally well managed, great brands and market leaders such as CMG, SBUX, UA and BBBY. And now UNH and KO.

As far as comment like "smallness" is concerned, I have great respect for Rich who is probably the wisest (education, stature, experience, intellectually and professionally) of all of us here at GG. I take his comment seriously. To me it means that the needed maturity level is missing.

As far a Ron's past "impressive" career is concerned, it is even more concerning that he could not make money hand over fist in volatile times like this. This was the haul of the lifetime for me. My portfolio has 250+ stocks and I managed to more than triple my entire portfolio from the 2008 abyss. Except for my mortgage, all debts (2 cars, credit cards, other loans etc) were paid off and a solid cash safety net was set up. It was a life changing event for me. I did not get lucky with one or two stocks. I did it with 250+ stocks. For someone with Ron Gross's experience to not even near than performance doesn't encourage me. The reason MDP could not make it big is because it sold a bunch of winners so early and piled on a far greater number of bad losers. I checked the MDP boards and saw discussion on not selling "racehorses" based on valuation. It took 14 years for Ron Gross and other advisors to reach that conclusion?

I would not discourage you from trying to put a positive spin MDP and its advisors. I even wish you success but don't get upset if it doesn't stick or mercilessly scraped off.

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