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Subject:  Ciao Rich and thank you Date:  5/5/2012  1:19 AM
Author:  vls100 Number:  4960 of 5166

Hi Rich,

Thanks for your as always interesting post. I keep coming back to your Mr. Homer. If you are still around and FWIW here is what I think of your relationship with Mr. Homer.

You will and can never be a friend of Mr. Homer now. You will be forever his debtor. Your only chance of ridding of your debt is when Mr. Homer one day decides to claim his debt with you, giving you a chance to risk your life for him for whatever he thinks is worth his while, judging from what you said about him, it will be excruciating for you, as to "whatever he thinks is worth his while". Not trying to make you feel better, he may not know what trump card he has in his hand, again judging from what you said about him, until one day he finds himself in as dire a situation as you were in two years ago. Well let's hope he doesn't get himself into trouble, again judging from what you said about him, fat chance. The other side of the coin, you get a chance to redeem yourself. So whether you think it's a deal or not is irrelevant, alea iacta est.

BTW, was helicopter rescue service unavailable?

I am in so much debt myself and wish that I had nine lives to risk as any respectable feline has, should any one of my creditors come claiming.

Re: friendship:

In "In Praise of Follies" Erasmus says that it is precisely in their foolishness that people can become friends and intimates. "For that the greatest part of mankind are fools... and friendship, you known, is seldom made but among equals."

The Olymp is a lonely place for exceptional folks.
All the best
God bless

aka Hans Wurst, Pulcinella, Ah Q (yes that one, but I don't pinch nuns).
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