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Subject:  Re: On "Sharing Info" Date:  5/11/2012  12:06 PM
Author:  altstrat91 Number:  34068 of 36468

well that makes sense then and now i comprehend your logic; your particular style that is. you are really more of a journalist and/or this is a medium for you to merely think out loud and go through a deliberation process of sorts or get to point Z from point A & you are clearly not interested necessarily in gaining info from anyone else or sharing said info. you should seriously put that in your sig line and i think most people would get it then and leave you be.

for me i have no use for an ignore feature because i am interested in hearing what everyone has to say and making as much money as possible. i know your posting style is one of hindsight after the position is closed before you will elaborate or speak upon a specific issue or trade for a particular reason. but at some point in the future, i would really like to hear how or what you have been buying the last few months when it comes specifically to corp notes.

you have a pretty strict and pre-defined formula in terms of how you emphasize a real rate of return factoring in taxes, inflation, etc. and how this drives you to select your particular positions. so depending on the risk you are taking for a particulr issue, the time frame, and in your words if you are poperly being compenstated for said risk in the position, it sounds like and i might be wrong, but if your yield is say 6%, a medium BB+ grade say, the reality is that once you plug in your methodology the real rate of return is close to zero or possibly negative. if this is the case, again, i think it would be really interesting in the future to hear a couple examples or scenarios about what you were doing this portion of the cycle that we are in.

but right now there is truly an inverse trade off between yield and credit quality. i would venture to guess that at this specific point in time, in terms of corp notes, you are buying perhaps less than you did say 12-18 months ago when this interest rate/yield dramatic cylce was not so played out like it is now.
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