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Subject:  retirement plan Date:  5/18/2012  4:44 AM
Author:  meekle Number:  283 of 354

I want to run this plan by you, in short as follows
57 years old, retiring with 2.8 M in IRA, no debt only mortgage
Goal 100,000 per year pre-tax income

do the following with the 2.8M (assuming no tax penalty to lock in equal payments out of the account.

1. 200,000 pay of mortgage
2. 200,000 variable annuity for down the road insurance
3. 100,000 college fund for 13 yr old son
4. 100,000 into medical / Long term care insurance
5. begin withdrawals as follows from the remaining 2.2M
6. 100,000 for 5 years leaving 1.7M which conservatively would have gained 3% for the pas 5 years leaving 1.9M roughly and conservatively
7.takee SS roughly 20K per yr at 62 and change withdrawals to 80 K per yr for 5 yrs = 400,000 out leaving roughly and conservatively 1.5M
8.age 67 now take wife SS, add 20K, now SS pmts = 40K so only need 60K out of fund. 60K for 5 yrs =300,000 which leaves 1.2M which would have earned 3% min for the past 5 yrs now equal to 1.35M
9. continue taking out 60K per yr for 5 yrs reducing account to 1.05M that gathered 3% for the 5 yrs now equal to 1.15M again conservatively.
10. Annuitize the 200,000 at age 72, now worht about 40K per yr. Now between SS and annuity only need about 20K per year from the remaining 1.15M which would be less than the interest.

Now the account will not reduce and will leave a nice inheritance and also covers for any safety.

This is a very short version, but you get the idea. I think this will work and be safe, and leave some room for inflation adjustments. Also, not ruling out working a little on the side.

Your thoughts.
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