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Subject:  Re: NO credit - 2 questions Date:  5/24/2012  9:52 PM
Author:  lethean Number:  305162 of 312293



>>>It may not work, but it would be worth asking Citibank to convert the account back to a personal account and carry the credit history with it.>>>

He will be calling Citi back to ask specifically about that, i.e., changing the business account back to a personal account and carrying the history with it. Not hopeful since he has already spoken to them about what can be done. (See above to Nancy.)

<<<Even if they can't obtain the best rates now, they will have the option to refinance in a couple of years.>>>

Bummer. Refinance charges? And the rates could very well be higher at that point in time.

Home prices are low NOW. Mortgage rates are low NOW.

<<<If the family member belongs to a local credit union or has accounts with a local bank, the family member should try applying at the credit union.>>>

He doesn't belong to a local credit union. He has a local checking account. Why would a credit union help? That I'm aware of, he has no affiliation that would gain him access to a credit union.

Thanks for your suggestions.

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